Michelle called Dottie so I guess Gladys taught her enough to do that.

I finished the Christmas cards so that is a stress removed.

We took our son Chad to lunch.


Cooke says that the sad truth about many longtime Christians is that they have never understood the magnitude of God’s love. Some have served Him for years and not known His passion for them.

As we age in Jesus we should deepen our awareness of His great love for us. It will be beyond our dreams and will change the way we think. He does not love us more once we are saved. He always loved us. Logically we struggle with this truth.

We think that if we do more good He will love us more. If we mess up His love for us will diminish. No! That is the way we love. Behavior and actions determine the depth of our love. God desires we are rooted in His love. Everything else will change but He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing I do will make Him love me more and nothing I do will make Him love me less.

Romans tells me that I can experience the width, length, height and depth of His love. He is the unchanging God and since He is love that love will never change. It is deeper, wider, higher and longer than we can imagine. None of us have ever received all the love He intends us to have. But as I grow spiritually I draw closer to Him and experience more of the love that has been there all along.