9 requisites

I was so saddened today when I drove to one of my most favorite Christian bookstores. It was closed. So many bookstores are closing and it is getting more difficult to browse and see what books there are to help you to grow. I want a book I can hold in my hand.

After a full week of activities for Independence Day in Guatemala schools had the day off.

Our marching band

Goethe (1749-1832) wrote that there were 9 requisites for contented living. It is amazing how things do not change. These will make you content even now in 2017.

Solomon says that there is nothing new under the sun and Goethe’s list makes it so clear that certainly we have the same needs as people 200 years ago. Isn’t this amazing?

Health, wealth, strength, grace, love, faith and hope are the building blocks upon which we can build our homes. We simply need to stay patient in our faith and God will allow these 9 truths to become our foundation. At least I realize what I now need.