Foolish to worry

Raquel, a recent college graduate in criminology, has been offered a job with the government. I am happy for her but she is dorm mother to little girls so we now need yet another set of house parents. Pray that the Lord will send us a couple with a heart for little girls.

I spoke to the two teams currently here at Casa. One team will take the boys to the mountains Saturday morning for Bible and then fellowship.

Little Anthony must have tests done on his liver Monday. He has suffered so much.

The meeting with the highway department and government officials but we would have to give three feet of our property in order to do it so I am not going to agree.fd


I am too often a worrier. I do not like worrying. It is wrong to worry. It is foolish to worry. The last year has been overwhelming & the government is not helping. So what do I do? Oh, I know what to do. It is just a matter of doing it!!!

I need to trust that God is bigger and smarter than I can imagine. On my desk sits a plaque that reads, “How big is this problem on a scale of One to God?” God always keeps His promises. I need to read and reread and study and restudy the promises of God.

Another thing that is wrong is worshipping the problem. When you worry you are not trusting God and that is idolatry. I need to focus on His ability and not mine.

I need to regain my peace and joy. I need to focus on what He has already done for me and Casa. It is His ability that will see me through.

Now I need to thank Him and not be anxious for anything.

Well I think I have it. I have tried to apply the promises and see how wonderful and marvelous are His thoughts for me and Casa. I can do this!