Building Blocks #1

There is a pastor who is aging and ill and has nothing. We want to build him a home. It will only cost us $4000. If you would like to help us with a portion of this project we would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. These pastors reach retirement age and most have very little resources. We are still building churches should you desire to get involved.


Building blocks! Our buildings are mostly block walls so I am familiar with the principle of laying block. If you are going to have a stable and successful marriage and family you need to build your house on the Rock. The first block that you will use is a life-long commitment.

One man with one woman for a lifetime! The marriage vow is a lifetime commitment. I had a friend whose wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis right after their marriage began. He stayed with her and never even considered divorce or separation. He cared for her until the very end.

The second building block is a shared identity. You have to see your selves as one in the eyes of God. “Two become One”! You no longer live for yourself. There is a new union, a new family and a new home. (Genesis 2:23). In verse 24 it says you become one flesh.

We may have different backgrounds and likes/dislikes as well as different educations, etc. Eve was not Adam. She was unique. Physically and emotionally she was different from Adam. God made her to meet his needs and He created Adam to meet Eve’s needs.

A true godly marriage between a man and a woman insures we will never be alone.