Sebastian & Dorcas took the 2016 tax return papers to SAT (Guatemala’s IRS) so pray that we will have favor with that agency.

Gretchen, Brandi & Gladys took me to lunch. I like being coddled. Lee,Walt & Randi both brought me sweets.

Doncellas (older girls) gave me 3000 quetzales($400) to be used on a church or for the poor. This dorm is the most giving dorm we have ever had at Casa.

Kirk, Illinois, made the beautiful pulpit for our church.


The boys in my house blessed me for my birthday.


Now that I am 74 I am truly on the final laps of my life. It my be short or long from this point and only God knows. But I can look and say with certainty that all of us are given our races to run. No two races are exactly the same.

The most important thing for me to do is not take my eye off of the goal. As the last year before handing the baton to Josue’ now begins I must not lose sight of the steps to get him prepared.

Woodhouse tells us not to compare ourselves to others. What God called me to do was my race. It is not for everyone. Your participation in sponsoring, giving financial support or literally coming down to Casa and working is the race God laid before you.

Next I have to keep my eyes on the finish line. I still have 364 days of hard running left before the transition and I have to see the goal clearly. I must stay focused on the job at hand. Everyone is getting older. Our supporters are all older and many have gone to meet the Lord. But the job remains the same. I must give the children Jesus, help them make good choices about their careers and help them to pray for the spouse that Jesus has for them.

I must allow Jesus to carry my burdens as I do my best. I cannot do it without Christ!