Inside of you

The weather was beautiful today and after I shared my testimony the Americans spent a day of play & fun. It was a blessed Saturday.

I am still making radio shows. I want to stay at least 6 months ahead.

The doctor said I can begin to eat normally. PTL!

My phone died so if you tried to get me I will have a new one today.



God really cares about what is happening on the inside of you. The average church person thinks it is about the outside. So we watch our language around certain people and we put on a show in church.

But God is looking for a pure heart. This means that you have a passion for God. This means that you will love God with all of your heart. Do not drift from what God has called you to do and to be. Love Him with all of your heart. Another truth is do not rebel. Keep your eyes on the goal of knowing Him with all of your heart.

The heart is where your treasure is. It is not about rules and regulations. It is all about treasuring your time with God and treasuring what He is sharing with you. Church is good and church is necessary. But if you do not treasure private times with God and make Him the object of your love then your treasure is connected to something other than Him.

Jesus asked Peter if He loved him. That means Jesus wanted Peter to treasure Him above all else. He is asking the same of you.