Happiness in marriage

Two of our very best older girls were informed this morning their older brother & and uncle were shot to death by teens none of which were 18 years of age. They will attend the wake & the funeral. Foolish evil!

Josue’ & I met with the lawyer about the property unification.


Many marriages are filled with suspicion, defensiveness and withdrawal. How do we build trust? It is true that each spouse needs to be trustworthy? This means dependable in speech and action. No white lies!

First, be candid. Be open and honest with one another. Share where you fail and where you are suspicious. We are all human and that humanity will come forth and must be dealt with.

Second, pray. Pray together for your intimacy and deepening relationship. Fidelity in marriage is an area where Satan comes in all families. We are filled with choices and we must choose the high ground. Be honest and pray.

Third, discipline yourself. Both spouses must be strong and not allow any sexual stimuli to come into the home. Job said, “I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully upon a girl” (Job 31:1). Keep your eyes solely on your own spouse. Be careful with what enters your home through TV.

Fourth, cultivate intimacy. Marriage requires that we look after it. It is like a garden that when ignored will be overgrown and non-productive. Spend time alone. Take short trips together. I remember when we lived in Lake Charles we would go to a motel right there in town just to get 24 hours of quality time as husband and wife.

Intimacy is the ultimate conclusion of communication and communication is not very useful if you are two ships passing in the night or you are too busy to take time and smell the roses.