Chad & Abby will be leaving Casa on November 6th their 3rd anniversary with us. They want more time with their children which I understand. There are no problems.

Sisters Estefani, Sandy & Kenny came here as toddlers & have decided it is time for the “real” world. I will miss them.

One of the baby dorm children is having hip surgery.

I helped Dr. Luis with the wiring & plumbing on the room in the visitor’s dorm.

I ministered to the girls tonight on relationships.

Dottie and Oscar

One of the best ways we can love our children is to pray for them. Children need to know that not only do we love them but Jesus loves them also. When you pray daily that your children will have a deep relationship with Jesus you prepare them spiritually for the life laid out before them.

Pray that your children will have a strong relationship with Jesus. Pray that the relationship will continue to grow throughout their lives. Pray that the Word will become the most valuable treasure they experience.

Pray that they will have great comfort in the love of Jesus. Pray that they will discover the purpose of their creation. Pray they will receive the gift of a godly life from Jesus.

Pray that your children will pray and listen for answers throughout their lives. Prayer is the greatest gift that you can teach your children. Once Jesus is in their heart it is all about speaking with Him daily.