A little girl

There was a special swimming trip for about 40 children and teens who were winners in the Saturday competitions. They went to Escuintla. It was such a special trip for the ones who worked so hard & competed so well. Lily was the person in charge of the months of competition & deserves a great big “Thank you”.

Two of the dialysis children, Estephany & Alex, are in the hospital. He has extremely high blood pressure & she is having problems with her catheter. Please pray for them throughout the next week.

A huge rainstorm hit here as well as Debbie’s area in Lake Charles.

One person from CNA(government oversight) came to check on the children we received from the home that burned. He said he is bringing a team to see them later.

The kids swimming in Escuintla


A little kindergarten girl drew a picture of her family including the cat. When she was asked who was her favorite person in the picture she responded “Me”. She was too young to know what humility was.

Our actions, thoughts, attitudes and reaction to others indicate to God who our favorite is. Philippians 2:3 says that we should not live to make a good impression on others.

Our lives should be such that everyone else is our favorite. We put every other person ahead of our own needs and we live in order to bless others. It is so easy to love those who love us but God tells us to make even our enemies our favorites and love them.

Finding a way to love those who you can only tolerate would be the fulfillment of loving your enemies. Hatred is not a part of many lives but intolerance is.