Heaven or Earth

Amazingly Guatemala has the lowest divorce rate in the world. Of course, like all countries many couples never marry.

Aroldo will take 3 of our workers to a conference tomorrow on treating kidney transplant patients.


Paul had a tough time as stated in Philippians 1 as to whether to go to heaven or hang around and continue his work on earth. All of our troubles will end upon the moment of our death if we are Christians. But, as long as we are on earth, we need to work and witness.

It is easy to accept God’s will when things are easy and going well. It is far more difficult when there are trials and tribulations. We should glorify God with our bodies as long as we are here. We should work to accomplish whatever goals God has set before us. After we leave this earth our lives should still be a testimony of what God did through us as we lived upon this earth.

To die means the joy and peace of heaven but to live is filled with opportunities to make a difference. Paul had a choice it seems. He was willing to stay and I have learned that when we stay where God has placed us we are blessed and become a blessing. So many people choose to walk away from their calling and thus miss the blessings.