God is in control

We left at 6am for an 8am eye appointment for Dottie & left the doctor’s office at 6:15pm & got home at 7:30pm making it an 13 hour day. The surgery will be Thursday. All cities will blockade highways Tuesday in protest against the President. So the doctor asked if I would clean Dottie’s eyes before the surgery.

A bus hit us on the way home from the doctor.


All of us as Christians need to realize that God is in control. Most of us know that but do we act as though we do? If we believe He is in control then we will not fear danger. Terrorism and crime are skyrocketing but our Father is in control. David wrote that it matters not how many fall on our right and left hands He is still with us. There is no depth of danger that we will ever experience where we are alone.

We will not be afraid to suffer either. If God is in control then my suffering has a purpose. When Genesis was ill and needed a kidney transplant it shook me up. She did so well and therefore we took another child, Antoni, who had kidney disease and he died. Broke my heart! But through the suffering we realized that we could help so many other ill children and bring them to Christ.

Finally, if God is in control, we are not afraid to trust Him. I certainly do not understand everything neither do I see clearly many times but I do trust Him. Things do not always seem as though they are where we want them to be but He knows how to provide for us His way. I have to trust Him when I fear and when I suffer and when I do not understand.