Principles of Success #1

The two churches I spoke t today were very interested in Casa. Josue’ shared in The Woodlands, Texas and Jim shared for me at Casa.


Many lists can be made of success principles fould in God Word so let us look at a few. 1) Proper thinking is vital to success. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 23:7

What you think about yourself and your abilities will determine how far you will rise in His kingdom. If you see yourself as a winner, you win and if you see yourself as a loser, you lose. This ties directly with our teaching on attitudes. If God calls you then you must think that He knows everything about you and wants you anyway.

2) A person must have a goal if he expects to succeed. “I press on towards the goal for the prize..” Philippians 3:14

If there were no lines on a track and no tape at the end of the race everyone would run wherever they felt like it. You must look down the run way of your life and determine you will stay in focus and within the lines and finish what God has placed in your heart. Nightly Dottie and I pray that we will finish our race well.