The best is yet to come #5

Aroldo called me early to tell me that Yusbelly is not doing well & has been hospitalized. Her catheter is not working so she will go on hemodialysis.

The board meeting went extremely well today. Thom was late due to flight connections & Mark was also late due to a committee session in the House of Representatives in Baton Rouge. But we were able to accomplish a great deal.

The school gave out report cards today for all students in our schools.

The painted school. The team did an awesome job.Turner writes that there is a way to develop a positive attitude on life. He gives six thoughts.

First, Believe that it is true and that God does have the best waiting for you.                                                Second, Let go of self such as possessions and negative attitudes.                                                                    Third, Leave any of the depressing environments you might be in.                                                                    Fourth, Don’t worry. Give your problems to Jesus. (I need this one bad)                                                             Fifth, Work on developing a positive spiritual attitude.                                                                                           Sixth, Get up and do something.                                                                                                                   Seventh, Get where you are needed and appreciated.

These are great thoughts.

My mother was correct. Keep your fork because the best is truly yet to come.