The best is yet to come #1

The teams were split in half with one group doing an outreach & the other working here. Tomorrow they will reverse roles.

Adam & Vilma have moved back on campus and into the transition house.

Dr. Hines & a small group from my hometown arrived including a cousin of mine.


Lifting Sophia to the Lord

All of you have probably heard me say or read my words that tell you my mother when we finished a meal would always say, “Keep your fork because the best is yet to come”. I have even thought that I want that written on my tombstone. Heaven is the best to come.

After the Fall in the Garden of Eden God made a promise in Genesis 3:15 that He would send a Savior into the world to save us. Truly the best is yet to come.

How about when God had to destroy the world with a flood due to the fall of man? He put Noah into the ark and the thought had to be for Noah that the best was yet to come.

Abraham could have no children until the Lord come and made a promise of generations of children as the sand of the seas and the stars of the sky. Surely, the best was yet to come.

Jesus told His disciples that His kingdom was not of this world but that the best was yet to come.

Can you think of other instances? I will give you more tomorrow.