Our Tears #8

Sofia, Bily & Olga’s baby, had the surgery and is doing well. She is not even 3 months old so we did serious praying.

Adam & his family including his father, Jerry, returned today after 2 months in the states.

Gretchen took us to lunch.

Adam & Vilma with their babies


We have looked at the tears of a baby’s cry; tears of concern for our sins; tears of disappointment; tears of bereavement; tears of sympathy and the tears of the oppressed. Today we look at the tears of sacrifice in serving the Lord.

Over 200 of our children and visitors came forward to whisper in my ear their brokenness and receive a touch of oil as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. They said one or two words in my ear to indicate their brokenness. The majority said REJECTION or ABANDONMENT.

Next was ABUSE followed by NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and finally INSECURITY.

Paul said in Acts 20:19 “We serve the Lord with all humility of mind and with many tears”. The truth of the matter is that I have cried almost as much as I have laughed over the last 28 years here in Guatemala. It hurts so much to see teenagers make such bad decisions.

Jesus wept on the cross for those who have also made poor decisions.