Our Tears #11

There is major nerve damage in my knee which is why the pain is constant. I say this because it has made me even more irritable & short-tempered than usual.

The commercial washer went down in the Gringo house so the need has doubled and those machines are so expensive. Please pray for a financial miracle

We will cut down another large avocado tree by Los Cometas because so many avocados fall on the roof & being very large do damage.

The proposal

The tears of a baby; tears of concern over our loved ones living without Christ, tears of disappointment, bereavement, sympathy, for the oppressed, sacrifice, supplication and tears of joy lead us to the tears of our own brokenness over our sins.

In Genesis 27:38 we see Esau crying over his sins and in Luke 7:36-38 we see the woman washing the feet of Jesus with her hair over her brokenness and when Peter denied the Lord in Matthew 26:75 he cries over that denial.

The point of these tears is not only to admit our sin but it is the proof that we are willing to change. Esau did repent and restore his relationship with Isaac as we as Peter became the great apostle. The broken woman changed the direction of her life.

I cannot say if you have ever been so broken hearted over a failure that you wept but I have many times. I see my faults, failures and my inner a well as outward sins. I see how I have hurt others but I also see how I have grieved the heart of God, Himself.

It is these tears that bring you and I to a state where we can be useful to God. These people failed but all became servants of God. There is no sin He cannot pardon but He is awaiting our tears.