Attentiveness #6

Today was parents day and it was very positive. All of our staff helped & there was food and games. A church came to entertain and bless the children who did not have a visit. And there were many American visitiors who pitched in. Minor must have taken 200 photos of happy families. The weather was perfect and the attitudes seemed to be good (in front of me).

We packed our suitcases and rechecked our list. Michelle always is sad when we are preparing to leave for an extended period like this.

Kids without visits playing


The final of six areas of attentiveness is found in Colossians 3:23-24 where it cites that we are to pay attention to out employers. “Whatever you do, do it heartily to the Lord”. Your boss is successful because he has learned what is necessary and he does it. He sees much larger picture than we do. I know from experience that I have to look at the entire panorama of what I have been called to do.

Jesus served for 30 years in His father’s carpentry shop. He knew what it was to serve others and do what was required of Him on the job. I remember my first job was at a Western Auto where I did everything from changing tires to operating the cash register.

It was there that I learned to see the pressures of my boss and understand that working for someone and having others work for you were two very different things. I had to do my job well for my boss to be successful.