Attentiveness #4

The team that is here had a movie tonight for all of the children.

Our girl’s soccer team is still playing although Brandi, coach, is in the USA.

A team from Mississippi dropped by to visit Casa.

I began walking with my old cane until this knee problem is healed. It helps! The problem appears to be inflammation in my knee.

The money we get weekly from the USA is not covering the weekly expenses. Pray that our income will increase. The falling dollar is really harming us.

This September we only have a church Sunday morning, 10th, in the morning & nothing else. Please help us fill the schedule.

The addition to Los Cometas

We have seen it is necessary to listen to God, our parents and our own conscience and now let us look at obedience to our elders. We are always in groups and it is there that God can speak to us through friends and acquaintances. I Thessalonians 5:12-13, “Know them which labor among you and are over you in the Lord”.

As we move deeper into the transition I hope to be a qualified counselor and a spiritual advisor to the young men who are going to walk in my shoes. I believe that I have learned valuable lessons that could be of value to the young men and women who are walking beside me currently and will walk on their own one day.

I do not know it all and as long as I live I will continue to grow. It is when we think we know it all that we truly know very little. I have walked many miles over the last 28 years in Guatemala and many miles prior to that. To share the wisdom that the Lord has given me is the most important legacy that I can leave.

Wes asked me to write what I think is important as we transition and honestly it comes down to what I have learned.