Attentiveness #2

I am unable to share my testimony with the team that is here du to my having therapy.


Once you listen to God the Word says in Proverbs 1:1 that we are to pay attention to our parents. God says things will go well with us if we listen to our parents. In fact He says that if we do not respect, honor and listen to our parents the destroyer will have his way with us.

All of you are aware that soldiers stand at attention to show respect to their commanding officers. The same type of respect should be shown to our parents. Facial expressions are considerably important in speaking with our elders. My dad could communicate more with his facial expressions then he did with his voice.

By looking at your parents you are saying I am ready to listen and respond to what you have to say to me. Psalm 32:8 says, “I will guide you with my eyes.” Sadness, happiness, joyfulness, anger and many other emotions are communicated with the eyes.

Respect your parents by responding to their words and expressions. That action says, “I appreciate you and I am listening”.