Seeing good days #2

We are putting the roof on the home we built for a pastor in Tecpan.

Today all of our nurses were gone as they took 6 children to 3 different hospitals in two different cities.

Billy & Olga’s baby, Sofia, will have surgery Friday so be praying for her.

Today is our Michelle’s 23rd birthday.

The girls moving blocks for Los Cometas

Remember from yesterday that I Peter tells us in verse 10 that if we love life and see good days…? I want good days. My days are numbered as I approach 74 years in July. I want them to count. I want to leave Casa (by death) eventually and in good hands that will continue for years to come. I want to prepare the next generation.

As I look at the children we have raised who are on the transition team I see good days ahead with Sebastian, Josue’, Alex & Sarah, Billy & Olga, Dorcas, Oscar, Aroldo, Analy, Esdraz & Candida, Mario & Mariella, Fernando & Ana, Lily, Marlin, Orlando, Celia, Blanca, Katherine, Kersey, Raquel, Kevin, Marilyn, Olga II, Marta, Leslie, Baby dorm assistants, Cometas and all dorm assistants and Kitchen staffs, etc.

So many children have been raised a t Casa and many have grown up into great adults. Some have left of course and are traveling a good path in life. Many have stayed and are preparing are preparing a future of helping the children at Casa.

If we follow his instructions we will have good days.