Our Tears #2

I am so happy, blessed and grateful to God as we have completed the unification of our properties. This is a major move in the transition. There are 4 owners but nothing can be done without 100% vote of the board meaning that this place will be here in ministry until Jesus comes.

One of the dialysis children went to court & the judge had a gift for her. When he asked if she would like a gift she answered “Yes, a kidney”.


Sebastian and his beautiful family

The first tears we looked at were the tears of a baby who has no way to communicate apart from crying. The second tears should be tears of crying over our sins as well as the sins of those we love. In Luke 19:41 we read of Jesus weeping over the sins of Jerusalem.

This morning as I was walking I was listening to a sermon by David Wilkerson and he was weeping as he gave the altar call. As I listened to what he was saying and praying I began to cry also. There are so many people who never cry over the sins of those closest to them.

Thirdly are the tears of disappointment. When Absalom ran from David the Bible says David cried over the loss of his son. I have cried in disappointment over many of the children who have made the poorest of all decisions and that is to leave Casa before they finish their education or they simply refuse the love of God and accept him into their hearts.

Have you ever cried over your sins or over your broken heart of those you love who reject His love?