Here come da tongue #8

Dottie spent nearly 5 hours with her gynecologist who called in an oncologist. They could not find anything major but will check her again. She had a bundle of tests done so pray with us that every test will be negative.

The Virginia team gave aptitude tests to the older students & then hosted a Job Fair. A Rotary Club here in Guatemala will sponsor the older teens to “shadow” them at their places of employment. This is a first and is so exciting.

Takes a lot of supplies


The story I shared with you showed the positive side and healing side of the kindness of words. But let me tell you about the spoken words when they are lie “Full of deadly poison” (James 3:8); “Sharp as a razor” (Psalm 52:2 or Piercing words like a sword”(Proverbs 12:18).

Words can be so very painful. Unkind words do hurt. The old sticks and stones poem is a lie. Words can destroy relationships, marriages and split churches. It can cause children to leave home. When we attack another person we have an instrument of mass destruction. It is called the tongue.

Tell your child they are stupid, ugly, idiots, lousy students or poor athletes and you can head them in a direction that will cause them to err for the rest of their lives.

Life and death or truly in the power of the tongue! Speak life and make others feel they are valuable and worth something in this life.