Here come da tongue #5

Adam texted to say that Vilma needs more medical tests next week & asks for our prayers. I am sure you will add them to your prayer list.

The office and clinic are having a breakfast in the morning. Dottie & I pray nightly together for the entire transition be done with love, respect and a demonstration of His kindness to one another.

The team is working in the Casa de Antoni during the day & having activities nightly with the children. There is a dentist with the team also.

Quique was the first college student to be robbed on a bus this year. But he was unhurt.

Walt & Randi with their boys

I shared yesterday of the kind words of the Texan and one of my board members who wrote me and I said that only one other letter brought me such joy as the lady from Sugarland. When I left home following my high school graduation and enrolled in college I was so sad and lonely. I knew no one! My fellow teammates were simply acquaintances at that time.

My roommate, a senior, said “Go get a post office box at the student center before they are all taken. I went to the student union and when I wrote out my name and paid the $2 for the semester the postman said, “You have a letter”.

I told him I had just arrived on campus so that was impossible. He laughed as he handed me a letter postmarked Bunkie, La. I knew it had to be my dad because the only other person who would have written was my girlfriend who had just dumped me with a “Dear Stupid” letter even before I left for college.

Sitting off to the side I opened the envelope and read the short letter. He had written, “I am so proud of you. I am so proud to be your father. I know that you worked hard and have earned this privilege of a college education. I will always love you.”

For nearly 8 years I carried that letter in my wallet reading it every time I was sad, homesick or discouraged. A simple note! Life is truly in our tongues!