Here come da tongue #2

54 years ago today in her parents living room with the 5 of us present Dottie and I were married. Where have the years gone? The young people gave Dottie & me a night away. They are the kindest & most generous young people I know.

Los Cometas first day in the new beds


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). Proverb 15:4 tells us that the tongue can be a tree of life. Isn’t that interesting since we just finished writing about trees?

People have died because of some words that were spoken. There have been mass destructions such as the holocausts brought on by the enflaming tongue and rhetoric of Hitler.

Churches, marriages, friendships, families careers, dreams, reputations missionary attempts and even governments that have crashed and burned because of words.

However when Dottie and I hold hands each evening as we lie in bed about to sleep there is this awesome life-giving and peace-producing feeling as prayers pour from our lips for the children, our family, the ministry, sponsor, donors and staff. Words can produce such life in your heart as you move towards dreamland.