Here come da tongue #10

All of Dottie’s tests so far have been negative so we are grateful for your prayers & ask that you please continue.

I had a visit with a specialist about my leg that has bothered me since the wreck.

The water tank overflowed so Orlando & I went up the tower because Josue’ wasn’t here. It is nice to have a son who is brave & not afraid of heights.

Granddaughter & Grandson

Four more area of using the tongue as a weapon against your spouse would be:

4) YELLING which is my favorite sin I suppose. Just being honest! I know that violent actions are really a defense mechanism to catch the other person off guard and hopefully disarm them. But it is a major sin I assure you and one of which I stand guilty. Sadly it is use to make me feel strong and dominant and to get Dottie to cower & feel small.

5) Today as I listen to teenagers I hear SARCASM all of the time. Spouses often use terminology such as “Whatever” or “It’s not important”. This is often accompanied with a smirk, smile or eye-roll and it makes me think of choking them and telling God it was an accident. Smart-alack attitude is what I call sarcasm. It is used to frustrate your spouse. Nothing fruitful can happen in that setting.

6) How about BLAMING? This throws all of the guilt on the other person. It does not matter what I do it is never my fault. This was what Adam used against God when he said “The woman you gave me” and Eve used when she said “The devil made me do it”.

7) Being honest with you my screaming or anger is the weapon of choice when I am threatened but I also have used PUT-DOWNS as a verbal defense. To feel superior I would make those around me feel ignorant and incapable of understanding my situation.

Why do we do it? Wait until tomorrow.