Alex & I went 4 times to the tax office & twice to the police but finally we received the title to one of the cars. I have 9 of 10 so that is 90%. More paperwork for the truck!

I shared our testimony with the visiting teams (California, Virginia, Louisiana, Ohio).They have been cleaning the medical area & hanging sheetrock. We keep making progress on the Casa Para Antoni.

The police station

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree”. That was the very first poem I ever had to quote standing on the little stage at St. Anthony’s School in Bunkie. God has a fondness for trees. In fact, the Word begins with a tree and ends with a tree.

Genesis 2:9 speaks of the tree of life and Revelation 22:2 & 14 speak of the tree of life again. The Bible uses the word tree or wood more than 550 times. Think of how important trees are to we humans. It is a source of food as well as used for construction, cooking, heating and shade. Trees can be used to build houses, tools, weapons, cabinets, coffins and most anything we can think of.

The Bible tells us that the Garden of Eden had man, animas and then mentions trees. What is so sad is that men do not worship the Creator they worship the creation. Romans 1:21-25. The creation they worship was created by the Creator. Isaiah asks in his book chapter 44, “Shall I fall down before a block of wood?”

The world does not appreciate the input that trees have on our lives. The world is using up the lumber as though it will always be here. However there is a judgment coming. Trees are important.

Stay tuned as we look at 4 trees.