Our psychologists met with groups of parents today who came to visiting day & shared with them how to visit their children without bringing sadness & pain. We believe it will make a difference.

Monday the physicians will deliver Sebastian’s wife’s baby by caesarean. So be in prayer for that. Walt & Randi return Monday so Tuesday we will see what they have in mind to enlarge their new dorm for boys.

Arriving home!What do you think about? Or more specifically what do you imagine? I have been around for many years in ministry and so I have learned a few things the hard way. For instance, I was stressed out many years ago because teacher’s salaries were coming up. Now we had a faith school so there was no tuition.

Every month the Lord had met those needs of the school. Every month! Yet, for some reason, I was stressed with doubt. Each morning at 3am I was up pacing and praying for the finances. With 5 days to go I was pacing and telling God I needed $8,000 when He simply said “What day is it?” I answered that it was the 25th and He responded with “When are the salaries due?” to which I said that they were due the following week.

God said ,“Go back to bed”. The day it was due I awoke with the need still there. At noon I returned home for lunch and Dottie handed me the mail. In it was a gift of $8500. I have tried to “go back to bed” ever since.