I came to see my in-laws & yet I shared at Rotary, Butterfield Village, Sunday school class, turned down a wonderful church on Sunday morning and will share at Field Agent in Fayetteville on Monday morning. Then we leave early Tuesday for Guatemala. But we did accomplish our purpose & that was to visit with Dottie’s family.

Preaching Esdras & Estephanie’s wedding


God’s purpose is to take the message of mercy to the entire world. He is not a respecter of persons. John 3:16 says that God loves the world not just certain races, nationalities or political view, etc.

Jesus in Matthew 12:40 says that as Jonah was in the whale’s belly so would Jesus, Himself be 3 days and nights in the earth. He puts His seal of approval on the book as a true story.

The city of Nineveh was brought to repentance demonstrating the wonderful grace of God. No one is beyond His reach. This is the reason we are to share the Word because we never know but that God can change a heart. Do not refuse to speak to even the worst of sinners. We are all sinners until Jesus enters our heart.

Chapter 2 may answer the question “How do we know when the Spirit of God is at work in a sinner?” Jonah was running from His call because he believed the people of Nineveh did not deserve salvation.

1:17 says that God prepared a storm and then would prepare a great fish. Jonah says he was out of God’s will yet he would look back to God. “When my soul fainted I looked back to the Lord my God”.

The Spirit of God was at first working in Jonah. He was filled with pride just as we are. He will bring us to despair in ourselves. 2:7 Jonah has a realization he is a real sinner. But sin cannot smother out His grace. We cannot be happy or satisfied when we see the sin in our heart. Not just walking an aisle but a work in the heart. Fainting is losing all strength. Our nature is sinful.

The Spirit of God was secondly “I remembered the Lord”. Only the Holy Spirit can cause us to call Him “Lord”. To remember means God had always revealed Himself to Jonah”. Even Peter was told when he fell that “When you are converted go and reveal me to others”. We can be saved and still need more conversions alon the ay to get His ministry completed. (Not saved again)

The Spirit of God was thirdly: the Lord who causes us to call ourselves as guilty. The book of  Romans says the Intercessor Himself makes intercession for us. Jonah prayed to God not man. Prayer is not about entertaining others with our grand prayers. It is a heart cry to heaven.

The Spirit of God was fourthly is that our cries of distress reach into the holy temple of God. Our High Priest represents the Mediator, Jesus Christ. (2:4,7) It is the Spirit that testifies of our salvation and continued conversions as we grow from truth to truth to more truth.