It is hard to believe Quique is 18 and now in college. We celebrated his birthday last night.

Arrived in Fayetteville where Jim, Dottie’s brother, and Linda picked us up. Then we had a horrible accident and his car was totaled. The police, ambulances & firefighters were awesome in helping. No one was seriously hurt.

Quique’s 18th


Jonah 1:17 “The Lord prepared a great fish and Jonah was there 3 days and nights”. Just as God had prepared a storm He now prepares a fish. He is never taken by surprise when things happen because He is the One directing the scenario. He is always in control.

One reason many people criticize the Bible and say that it is not true is due to the little book of Jonah and the story of the fish. “How could someone live inside a fish?” How could God speak everything into existence, breathe on dust and make a man, a woman from a rib, an ark for a zoo, the sun stand still, lions that do not devour their prey, a furnace of fire that cannot burn 3 fellows, a leper to be healed, a paralytic to walk, a blind man to see and, well, you get the point.

God can and will do whatever it takes. My salvation was a miracle and so is yours. A fish large enough to swallow a man is not unusual. Living inside the fish is a miracle as are about 2000 other miracles in the Word of God.

Chapter two begins with “Then Jonah prayed”. Never too late to pray but this was truly the wrong time. Had he prayed when called by God he would not have been in the position he was currently finding himself.

The largest mistakes that I have made are not because I prayed when I was in a pit or being overwhelmed it was when I did not pray before falling into the pit.