Jonah #15 Storms #2

We are preparing for 60 folks coming this week. The dorm is looking great.

Josue’ went with me to pay the taxes on our property so next year he will be able to do it.

My sisters & some of their family are coming this summer. It will Charlotte’s first visit so I am excited.

We need a commercial washer & dryer, $35,000, so pray with us for the money. Ours are over 15 years old & no longer useful.

University boy’s new dorm

Since we shared about the storm we cause ourselves and the storm that God sends to get us back in step with His will. The third storm is the demonic storm. When Jesus was asleep in the boat and the storm arose it frightened the disciples they actually screamed in fear and accused Jesus of not caring about them.

Two ways the devil brings the demonic storm. First are the circumstances that he uses to frighten us in the midst of the storm. There are waves, winds and rains of fear and doubt. We make rushed and foolish decisions.

The second way is using people around us. Following the storm and when the boat arrived on shore a demoniac was there to accuse Jesus. The devil uses fearful circumstances and ‘accusing’ people to intimidate us.

So why was Jesus not frightened? Because He knew the assignment given to Him was not complete. Often He spoke of “My time is not yet come”. When you know that you have a call from God for a certain reason and that reason has not been fulfilled you are assured that your time has not come. God does not call anyone and then not allow that person to complete the call.

You refuse depression and arise just as Jesus did and you SPEAK to the storm. Use the Word! Speak to that demon and tell him to leave you and yours alone.