Jonah #14 Storms #1

It was 38 degrees at our house this morning. In 28 years here that is in the top 3 for us. Rain & even sleet made our church services very cold.

Ezdras preached & the teen boys led worship in a church last night.

                                                                                                              I need this

There are things that are very difficult to do but obeying God is not one of them. So sometimes along comes a storm. There are times storms arise because of our own making. If I overspend I will cause a financial storm. If I do not take care of my body I will cause a physical storm. If I do not make goo-goo eyes at Dottie I will cause a marital storm

But here the Word says clearly that God sent the storm. Why? Because when we are disobedient God desires to bring back on course. Soon a big fish would be chasing Jonah and he could not outswim it.

The problem with this type of storm is that it brings everyone around him into the storm also. God is relentless and He is truly the Hound of Heaven. God will not let Jonah or me off the hook.

Jesus, Himself, had to yield to His Father. “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”. But Jesus did the right thing. He asked His three closest friends to pray with Him in the garden. Jesus did not ISOLATE Himself in His storm. He asked others to pray for Him.

If you have made a stupid decision and went off away from God and want a way home then ask others to help you with prayer and fellowship. Loners get eaten up by big fish.