Adam and Vilma had a boy. He is a month premature and was sent to Huntsville due to lung problems but Adam said he is doing well and ask that we pray and I know you will.

In 2015 we buried 3 children but in 2016 there were no deaths. We finished last year financially at less than I hoped but we are finishing 2016 in better shape.

With Randi & his family coming to be house parents for the Little Comets we are thrilled & excited. I have no doubt but that God is dealing with others to fill positions at Casa. His timing is perfect.

I made 40 radio shows for KAJN.

The weather is so cold. The children in dialysis are staying wrapped up in their beds.

Dina & Nancy came with gifts. They were some of our first college graduates. Dina is an RN in a hospital for children with cancer and Nancy is an RN in another hospital. I am very proud of them.

Aleluya! Kaizar is recooperating from his kidney transplant.
Nancy and Dina


Now that “Christ”mas is passed we return to Jonah.

There is something about Jonah that really gets to me personally. He was asked to do something that he did not want to do. He was truly a great prophet as we read in II Kings but most people only think of him as the reluctant prophet who tried to run from God. I think he did what most of us do in our lives. We want a comfortable calling. We want something that costs us little.

I know that we can look at Jonah as a racist, a big and a nationalist. And before you judge you and I need to look into the mirror. A number of years ago a minister from Africa called me. He said he had followed my “career” in ministry and felt that God wanted me to take over his ministry in Nigeria.

The ministry was a home for children under 10 who had aids. They would all die. I prayed as to what I could do. I cannot tell you that I “pressed” into the presence of the Lord to know His will. I was concerned I would hear God say, “Go”.

Just like Jonah I was wanting to “pick and choose” what I wanted to do for God. By the way I never heard Him say, “Go” so I stayed in Guatemala where I have peace. I know that I did the right thing because if you run from His call there will never be peace in your heart.