Today the Christmas gifts were opened by two dorms, Estrelitas & Esperanza up. Gladys and her team did a wonderful job. Dottie & I began giving the gifts to our youngest grand- children.

I had not realized that Vencedores had new shoes & some dorms have a few shoes for school so it is not as bad as I originally thought. I was thinking that if every team member that comes in 2017 would bring ONE pair of black school shoes or tennis shoes we would have most of the shoes for next year.

Last night Josue took a baby, age 4 months with high fever, to the hospital. It was severe stomach infection but praise God he is better this morning.

The Estrelitta girls opening their gifts.


God came to Jonah and said “Arise and go to Nineveh and preach”. All of you know the story how immediately Jonah set sail for Tarsish which is in Spain. Would you still love God if He asked you to do something hard?

If you have walked with God for a long period of time He has probably told you to go to Nineveh also. Nineveh is where we do not want to go. God has a way of checking out our hearts. This city was founded by Nimrod (Genesis 10:6-11) who was the rebel who led the construction of the tower of Babel. This family has rebelled against God for centuries.

Running is not unusual. Adam tried to run and hide from God. Cain tried to ignore God and spent his life running. Gomer, the prostitute who was married to the prophet Hosea ran many times away from him. He eventually bought her off a slave block when she was run-down and almost useless. We all know of the prodigal son who took the money and ran. There are many examples but let us close with Judas who tried to run from his sin.

Sin is running from God while Grace is running to God.