We left at 5:15am for an 8am appointment with Dottie’s ophthalmologist. He showed up at 10:10 so Dottie is exhausted. But she has greatly improved & needs to only keep her head down during the day. That makes her very happy.

Oscar is doing a great job with the renovation of the college boy’s dorm.

We need monthly sponsors for dorms especially the little boys.

Enjoying a gift from RotaryJoel is the book of the Day of the Lord. Peter mentions the day of the Lord as the climatic end of the world. II Peter 3. Joel refers to the Day of the Lord as both a time of God’s judgment and God’s salvation. Joel mentions three separate events of which he refers to all three as the Day of the Lord.

First, there is the plague of locusts in 1:1-20 followed by the invasion of the Northern army that he also calls the Day of the Lord (2:1-11) and finally the judgment of the nations and the world in 2:27 – 3:21.

Just as God judges me daily His purpose is not to destroy me but to correct me. He desires to guide me for His purposes. Judgment is never God’s last word. Repentance and restoration is what God desires to be the last word. That is His desire for us and for all nations. In fact Joel tells us in 2:12-13 not to tear our clothes as a sign of mourning but, rather, rend our hearts. That was the message of Jesus in Matthew 4:17.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. The book of Joel is the book also famous for the Holy Spirit. He says in 2:28 that He will pour out my Spirit upon ALL flesh and your old men (me) shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions. It happened on the day of Pentecost.

  1. Christ is the One who gives the Holy Spirit. 2:28 and John 1:33; 16:7and 20:22
  2. Christ is the One who will judge the nations. 3:1-16
  3. Christ is the One who pardons and forgives sin. 3:21 and Matthew 9:6; 28:16
  4. Christ is the One who will establish God’s kingdom on earth, an eternal kingdom of peace and abundance. 3:18-21 and Matthew 13:41; Luke 1:33; Hebrews 1:8; Revelations 11:15