“Christ”mas #6

We are preparing for the new school year. You will not believe how much school supplies,textbooks, shoes, uniforms, etc for 400 children. Billy is here hiring new teachers and Olga is happily being a new mother.

I really have a way with babies huh? She is screaming her lungs out!

We have seen in John 3:16 Perish and Everlasting life now “Believeth”. You cannot do anything to get to heaven but believe. The Bible refers to it as the foolishness of preaching. Foolishness of a stable and a cross!

People have said that Dottie & I have great rewards in heaven but I say you all of you that we do not have one ounce of blessings more than any other Christian. We cannot do anything to get God to love us more and we cannot do anything for God to love us less.

The very worse thing the devil did to Jesus Christ God turned it around and made it your salvation. All things work together for good. Belief can only come from God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. You must hear it and read it.

Death had to get out of the way when Jesus burst free from hell after depositing my sins. John 3:16 God GAVE His Son. He sent Jesus to allow us to have an opportunity to spend eternity in heaven.

“Christ”mas is the day God gave to me the opportunity to sing His praises forever.

Just a little Babe.

Have a Christian Christmas.