“Christ”-mas #5

Kaizer came home today. What a special blessing as he recovers from the transplant.

Adam emailed to say Vilma was hospitalized. The baby is not due for a month. Please pray!

As 2017 approaches here is what we need:Needs for 2017: Billy is school director & he & wife, Olga, are dorm parents for the older girls & now have a new baby. I need new house parents for those older girls so Billy & Olga can have their own apartment.

We need a maintenance person.

We need a “rotating” couple to stay in dorms when the house parents need time off.

Oscar is shopping today for desks, chairs & free-standing clothes closets for the college boys.


The new university boys laying tile in their new dorm.

“Perish” means that man has no idea as to how to live or how to prepare for eternity. Man without God! Helpless! No hope! No joy! Every trouble he can imagine! And he does not even understand himself! Nothing in us to please God! That is “Perish” in John 3:16.

The unsaved man goes to hell even though God has warned him. Lost!There is no hope in our selves. We cannot lift ourselves up! Eternal death! Eternal hell! Eternal hopelessness!

The world hates God but God loves man. There is only one remedy. His name is Jesus. When Lazarus was in hell he said that it was terrible in hell & he begged for just a drop of water. But it was too late.

We try to alleviate our pain with everything but Jesus. He has delivered us from the wrath of God. Here is the contrast in John 3:16: Perish and EVERLASTING LIFE. There is a beauty and glory in heaven. This life is so short and death reigns. But Jesus was born to give me a life that would never end.

One task! Not to be ministered to but to minister. Jesus died in my place and God put the curse of Mike Clark and placed it upon Jesus. Is there any doubt in your mind as to why I love “Christ”mas? I have no idea as to what heaven is like but I know that I will feel His love forever.

The devil gives you substitutes. Don’t be ignorant. Tell Satan: Get thee behind me. Enjoy Jesus forever. It is wonderful to know I am on my way to heaven.

Have a Christian holiday.