“Christ”-mas #2

I believe today’s Lord Super was the most precious in my 28 years at Casa. There were many salvations as well as an outpouring of compassion.

Esperanza Up Singing Carols

The peace Jesus brings is true for those who ask for Christ to save them. The angels proclaimed peace on earth. Emmanuel is God with us. When you come to Christ you enter into another realm.

I was born on July 11,1943 just as Hitler was losing his grip in Russia. I was born to live. And for 73 years I have done exactly that. I have lived. Over 2000 years ago Jesus was born. But He was not born to live. He was born to die. That is why the angels sang. They understood that God had GIVEN a Son to bring man to Himself.

Jesus was born to die so I could live. Jesus suffered spiritually and physically on that cross so that I could not be judged for my horrible 73 years of sin. He paid a price and a debt I could never pay. My Jesus came to take away a failed Jewish system of animal sacrifice. The Word tells us that “It is impossible for the blood of buls and goats to take away sin”. Every day priests stood making those offerings and they could not even remove one sin.

But unto a child is born and unto us a Son is given. Mary gave birth to the child. She is not the Mother of God but she is the earthly mother of Jesus. This was His earthly body.

And unto us a Son is given. This was the God part of Jesus. This is John 3:16 in the flesh. He came to do God’s will and become the sacrificial lamb Who takes away the sins of the world. I have plans for all of my children and grandchildren. God had a plan for His Son. My plans afe for my children to LIVE and prosper nd make a difference while God had a plan for His Son to Die and make an eternal difference.

Have a Happy Christian Christmas!