Dottie had her second lazar surgery today.

We were able to cross the road with the sewer line and replace the blocks.

Whoa horsey
Whoa horsey

I learned a few things in my 53 years of marriage to Dottie. I suppose the most important thing I learned is that there is a large difference between Convenient love and Covenant love.

Before we married Dottie’s father who had led me to Jesus took Dottie aside and told her, “If you marry him you can never come home again.” Of course, not understanding I was very upset. But what he was saying is that if Dottie committed to me as my wife it was not for convenience it was a covenant and divorce would never be an option.

Elisha made a decision and he knew he would never go back to his old life. There would be times in his life where he would be alone. Leadership is always lonely. Teamwork is without a doubt necessary and every minister needs a team to surround him. But there are times when it is you and you alone in warfare with the devil.

When Elisha crossed the Jordan and Elijah was taken to heaven in the flaming chariot surrounded by flaming horses, “The other prophets stood at a distance”. Elisha was alone and would have to win the respect of the other 6999 prophets.

Criticism and being misunderstood go with the job.