I have decided to name the new dialysis building “Casa de Antony” who was the child who inspired me to open our doors to children with renal disease. He passed away at age

We had a great visit with Chad & Abby who are the baby dorm parents. They stay so busy.

Ready to be painted
Ready to be painted

Elijah is told by God after 3 years, 6 months to challenge the prophets of Baal to a war of their gods. Since Baal was the god of RAIN and fertility Elijah was going to challenge that aspect of their false god. There is no way to determine how many children were sacrificed during those years trying to appease their god.

Elijah invites all of Israel to witness the battle of the gods. The odds were 850 to ONE. I have a board on my wall in my bedroom that reads, “How big is your problem on a scale of ONE to GOD?”The battle is to see who can get their god to consume an animal sacrifice. 450 of the Canaanite priests go on for hours begging their god to consume the sacrifice. Nothing happens so they began to cut their own bodies and literally bleeding for their god to act.

During this time Elijah is taunting them asking if their god is deaf or not awake. He asks the Israelites whom are they going to worship. They just stood there saying nothing.

Elijah then has the wood covered by water. He does this not once but 7 times. Then he simply asks God to consume the sacrifice and immediately fire falls. The Israelites yell, “The Lord He is God”.

Sadly, it is so often what I do. I fail to see it by faith and not until does it happen that I worship God.