The Mother of many nations

As you probably know I do not post individual pictures as this is now illegal in Guatemala.

Our seniors began their internships which requires working in the area of their career choice for one month.

My blood sugar was 109 and since there is a history of diabetes in my family Dr. Hines had me take a thyroid and a liver test. Since they came back negative I believe I am run-down, stressed and need to watch my sugar intake.

Dottie had her final eye exam before we live for the USA Tuesday. I know you are praying for our health and I thank you.She will have lazer surgery on both eyes when we return.

Gretchen left today for a few weeks.



We met the Father of many nations, Abraham, and now we meet the mother, Sarah. She is not only his wife but also his half-sister by his father Terah. Ur was their home in the Euphrates River valley and Sarah was willing to leave the prosperous life in order to follow her husband as a nomad. There are nearly 15 chapters in Genesis devoted to the marriage and life of Abraham and Sarah.

According to Hebrews 11:11 she had great faith. She followed the call of God upon her husband. Eventually at an elderly age she was delivered from barrenness and given a son, Isaac.

What we learn is that nothing is impossible with God. Our situations though difficult are never impossible when we believe and obey.