Gabriella, Veronica and Jeny are the ones woeking the mechanical cow.

The mechanical cow
The mechanical cow

As we saw yesterday Samson was taken captive by his own lust and pride. He was a prideful man in that he did not think that God was watching. Even if no one else ever sees your sin God always does.

What we can learn from Samson is that just because God blesses you that does not make you godly. Samson had all the tools for success but he threw everything away for his flesh. Anyone who lives according to his own passions and not for God’s purpose is deemed to fail.

Even though Samson made a mess of his life God allowed him to kill more Philistines at his own death than he did while alive. It is a shame that Samson could not see that.

Flirtation with any type of sin only ends up in tragedy and heartache. It does not matter if it is sex or alcohol or pornography or any myriad of temptations. The sin wins in the end.