My son Chad had a tree fall on him. It required 22 stitches & today we had a CAT Scan done. This is the son who broke his neck 12 years ago.

You know you are old when in line at the Houston airport & when you approach security the officer cries out “75 year olds do not have to remove your shoes.”

My son after a tree fell on him.
My son after a tree fell on him.

Forty years in Egypt where Moses lived a life of pride brought him to forty years in the Sinai Peninsula. It is here that Moses will live the life of a shepherd and it is here that he will learn humility. He sees his own inabilities and faults and on a mountain in front of a burning bush he learns what we all need to learn.

You can never be successful without God! He returns to Egypt where he becomes the leader of the enslaved children of God. It is in his humility that God now makes him a leader and a miracle worker.

There will be the 10 plagues that will eventually get the people freed. But it leads them to the Red Sea where he will have to stand in the face of the fear experienced by nearly 3,000,000 people. He stands firm and tells them to stand see the power of God.

From there he is lead to Mount Sinai where he will receive the 10 commandments. Miracles only occur when we are obedient and we allow God to control the situations we face in life.

Leadership is a constant challenge because leaders normally are criticized. We know how much the Israelites complained. God, at one point, wanted to kill them all but Moses prayed that God would show His mercy.

So we go from being the Big Dog in Egypt to being a humbled little puppy in our own desert to then becoming the person God wants to use to show His power to the world.

To be continued.