We always have enjoyed going to Word of Life. Pastors Mark & Julie are such kind hosts. This was our first time at Pharr so it was nice to meet Pastor Robert and share the ministry.

A friend even 25 years after death
A friend even 25 years after death

Twenty-five years ago next month I lost my childhood friend. He was killed in a freak accident when he fell from an oil derrick while fishing. He was not yet 50 so he was such a young man.

Many of you have heard my testimony of how when I was a junior in high school my best friend made a pact with me that we would push each other as hard as possible in both academics and athletics so that we could get scholarships to college. It worked as he became a pharmacist and I met Dottie in college, graduated and the love story began—both for on another and children.

His name was Kenny and I have kept his photograph on my desk since he died. I look at it and think of the good times we had. Walking back and forth at midnight to study at the other’s home. Camping in the sand and rain and him being bitten by a scorpion and I cut his leg and sucked out the venom. Double dating and laughing so hard with each other our dates would get out of the car and threaten to walk home.

I do not know what he thought about me coming to Guatemala. Our last meal together was at a Steak and Ale in Baton Rouge before Dottie and I came to Guatemala. I remember that night and can still hear his laughter.

There are some things a person will remember a lifetime. For me it was Kenny Brocato.

Yesterday I posted a photo of a red football jersey(#27). I was #28.