Dottie lost her Bible, I-Pad & books last Friday. As I was walking today a gentleman came to me & asked if I lost a Bible. He had found it in the grass while mowing. No damage at all even though the items were in the weather 5 days. God is good.

Beginning tomorrow we will be in a cabin without telephone reception, TV or Internet so my updates will be spotty as will my response to emails, texts, calls, etc.


Michelle walking in the parade in Antigua
Michelle walking in the parade in Antigua: She is in front. “The Queen”


Just like our young adults are being tested Joshua was tested as the servant of Moses. He had listened to Moses tell of the wonders of God and His marvelous works.

But guess what? Not only were my children tested early, they were a support to me. Joshua served Moses faithfully and I am blessed with so many young people who have supported me through the 27 years in Guatemala.

Joshua not only fought the Amalekites he also went half way up Mount Sinai with Moses. He went as far as God would allow. All of us need to know our call but also our limitations.

When asked why I have placed the young people in their current positions and the ones I will place later it is because I trust them. Moses trusted Joshua and when you trust someone you can depend on them to always have your back.

Everyone knows the story of the spies and how 10 came back frightened but Joshua and Caleb returned in faith and determination. So first comes testing then comes supporting and then comes trust. What follows?