Michelle, our special needs daughter, attends a special school & today was nominated for queen. I am surprised at how happy she is.

We received a 5 year old & a 3 week-old last night.

I began buying the nonperishable items we always get for our house for the month we are gone.


I have been so blessed as God has given me 7 decades of life and 5 decades with the best wife any man could imagine. It is as though I have lived a dream. Nine adopted children and 5300 Guatemalan children have been part of my life. Hundreds of churches of every denomination from nearly every state of the Union and thousands of sponsors, donors, visitors and friends have humbled me.

My father died in his early 60s and his father was murdered in his 40s. My mother’s father died in his late 50s. Both my brothers died young. I am still going strong or at least 3/4 strong. To be so blessed was more than I could have ever hoped for.

As I age and seek the transition from PAPI to grandfather I yearn for unity. My heart aches for unity. Our nation (USA) is fractured as is most of the world. Demoninational relationships are fractured also. Christians in general are not united. We outnumber the bad guys yet we are allowigng the disunity to destroy famalies, cultures and nations.

Battles can only be won by unity of the Spirit and a belief that we serve a living God whom we will meet one day. I am blessed with the life I have been given. I would be more blessed if Christians loved one another. I wonder if I have done my part in bringing unity.