Mama had a baby

Today we had morning service in the school area where I shared about water baptism & then Ezdras baptized those new believers whom the discipleship team have taught and know that those teens understood & were ready.

We followed that with visitation Sunday. Very stressful last two days.


Waiting to be baptized

Adam baptizing one of the boys
Adam baptizing one of the boys

Do you realize that the first mother was also the mother of the first murderer? The second generation was composed firstly of Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve were told to “be fruitful and multiply” and they were obedient. I feel certain when Eve said “I have gotten a man from the Lord” at the birth of Cain she believed he was the one who would reverse the sin and curse of the garden. But it would not be so.

Cain was a farmer and his younger brother was a shepherd. You all know the story of sin and jealousy when God accepted the offering of Abel but not the offering of Cain. It brought about the first murder in human history. Cain tried to hide his sin but the second curse in human history fell now upon Cain.

There are only two ways to live. We will live our own way or we will live God’s way. It grieves my heart to see how far man has fallen into his own self-righteousness since I was a child over 65 years ago in elementary school. The world has become a lover of its ownself. It cares little about God and His Word. The world lives as though there will be no accounting–no judgment.

Mostly I see that like Cain the world does not love it’s own brother. I am the perfect person to write these words. People who have known me know that anger was a besetting sin in my life pretty much for a quarter of a century or more. If anger is murder then I am most guilty of it than any many alive.

But Cain could have told the truth instead of lying to God. Once you and I are honest about who we are in our hearts and ask for the forgiveness of God He immediately changes us if we are willing. Make the choice of Abel and not Cain. Admit the sin! Feel the forgiveness!