It is not His fault

Horrible accident as Heather, wife of Gene Martz, fell down a flight of stairs & suffered brain damage. She will be removed from life support Monday morning. Gene has been to Casa and stayed to oversee Pastor Dave’s dorm. Pray the family. They are from Cumberland, Md. They have been married only 2 years.

Jim & Kate moved into the apartment at Vencedores to assist Lee & Candy. This will be a major help for Lee as well as for Casa. Lee & Jim both have a passion for ministering the Word to the children.

Dorothy & Ricardo: Wedding in November
Dorothy & Ricardo: Wedding in November


John 13 is where Jesus tells the disciples that He is leaving them. He tells Judas who was inspired by Satan to go and do what he had already decided to do which was tell the Romans where Jesus would be that evening. The disciples fall apart. Jesus is only 33 years old. Where was He going? Why couldn’t they go with Him?

With the cross only a few hours away and with all the stripes, thorns, ridicule and pain He was about to suffer He thinks not of Himself but He thinks only of His disciples. John 14:1-3 says, “Do not let your heart be troubled…..”

I struggle just like the disciples with worry and fear. The disciples were asking themselves what was to become of them. Sound familiar? I do the same thing. I have seen the miracles just as Peter, Thomas and the others saw miracles in their day. I have heard His counsel just as the disciples heard His constant teachings & example. I have never been let down by Jesus just as the disciples had never been let down either.

Yet I worry! My heart gets troubled by more “What ifs” than you can imagine. I feel sadness and even want to run to the exit. People seek the easy way out. They drink, cheat on their spouses, do drugs, wrap their lives around sports or TV. There is always an easy way out. Peter would even tell the disciples later that he was going to return to the fishing business. Fishing was much easier than ministry.

But I cannot escape. You see although I sometimes feel alone, isolated, worried and fearful it is not because He has abandoned me. It is because I abandoned Him.