I met with the judge in San Bartolome’ to sign papers on the land.

Then I drove Dottie for her eye exam and her vision has not gotten worse so that is very good news.

Josue’ and Sebastian are working with the university students as enrollment began on Monday.


One of the most important things I share with the children is that everyone needs a purpose. Life is not very fulfilling without a purpose. I have seen so many people throughout my years in ministry who just went from relationship to relationship or even move from place to place or change churches every few years. It is because they have no purpose. Without a reason to get up each morning life is not very much fun.

Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes that even with all of his wealth, power and 1,000 women his life was empty. Things such as fame or money or relationships will never be fulfilling. Drinking the first beer will give you a feeling but soon it takes 2 or 3 to get the same feeling. The results can be deadly over time. Food does not fulfill our needs nor fame nor money nor sex. It only will make us want more of what “turns us on”.

Only Jesus can fill your emptiness and one way He does that is following salvation the Holy Spirit will guide you to a purpose. You will discover why you were born. You will find out why you were called by God. Only then will you be satisfied with life.