Bob is putting the finishing touches on the walls now that the plumbing is there. The second floor is nearly tiled.

Teaching Emily to walk
Teaching Emily to walk


The challenges that we all face afe impossible to control and handle alone. We need the Lord alongside us as we make this journey through life. I know that the book of James tells me that I am to consider trials a time to rejoice but we sometimes we hit a wall.

The Word says that problems come like a flood. There are just so few fingers on your hands and the dike sometimes is leaking in 12 places. You just cannot stop life from happening. The staff is working diligently to see that the transition works as God desires.

Laws are constantly changing in Guatemala and the agencies we answer to pile more regulations on us making our expenses rise. We had to add a physician, dietician, 2 interns in both psychology and social services so they have to be paid. Now you can see why it feels as though I am in over my head.

But He is the glory and the lifter of my head so He is keeping my nose from going under. Pray for us to have more folks involved.

We all need to know the helplessness we have without Him.