Please do not read this as “asking for money”. It is a request for prayer. The construction money is there & we actually have money to buy some of the hospital equipment. But there has been a drop off in monthly giving which we all understand. So I am asking that you increase your prayers for Casa’s finances. Government rules have caused our costs to increase. God is faithful & so many of you have been so generous for so many years. We just need more folks with your heart.

Giving has remained steady but costs have increased in the area of salaries, food and education.

A special moment
A special moment


I believe that the most difficult part of the last 27 years has been my emotions, attitude and focus. Emotional stability is the capacity to maintain our emotional balance under stressful circumstances. An emotionally stable person tends to be calm, even-tempered, and less likely to feel tense or rattled. There are times that I am just the opposite of what I am desiring to be.

I get stressed and uptight as well as tend to worry & rather than sleep I toss and turn. Many a morning I am up by 2am trying to pray and attempting to focus. My weapon is my memory. I concentrate on all that God has done over the years and I remember His faithful provision and protection.